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Located in Mississauga, Ontario is a leading distributor of quality hardwood floors; solid & engineered hardwood, domestic & exotic, as well as cork flooring, bamboo, laminate, vinyl and carpeting to the Greater Toronto Areas (including Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Brampton) We also provide sand & refinishing of existing floors and re-modeling stairs. Solid and engineered hardwood floors require a little more care - they should be cleaned using special hardwood flooring cleaners (preferably manufacturer recommended ones) that preserve and restore the finish. By the 1980s, wood flooring manufacturers introduced good new prefinished hardwood flooring, there were new and more stains and finishes available than before, the advent of water-based urethanes made finishing easier, and consumers had more options to choose from than ever before. Through all the years in the hardwood flooring business refurbish hardwood floors , the question I am most asked is, "How do I clean my hardwood floors?" Whether it's a new floor, old floor, solid hardwood floor, engineered hardwood floor , laminate floor , or if it's the first or fifth home someone has owned with hardwood floors, they still want to know how to clean them.

Our clients appreciate how we can make their old floors look like new again, while providing excellent workmanship for those who want to finally get that hardwood floor installed. Rainbow Hardwood Flooring lets you enjoy the floors you have always wanted with professional hardwood installation and refinishing in Hamilton, Ontario, and surrounding area. EXCELLENT OUTCOME - JOB WELL DONE - full house flooring replacement - installed ~3500 sq ft of ¾” x 5” wide wire brushed Canadian ash on above grade 2 floors + engineered ½” maple hardwood floating flooring in basement + all new baseboards + all thresholds … done in 2.5 weeks in June 2017…

I only have great things to say for the work Brandon and his crew accomplished and highly recommend Urban Hardwood Flooring to anyone looking to install hardwood flooring.